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Hands Free, High Capacity Sanitizer Dispenser

Introducing our hands-free, low maintenance, no brainer sanitizer dispenser, fit for your unique work environment and community. Its quite simple, really.

Xtra Safe Dispenser Hands Free Use

Efficient Sanitizing

Sleek, ergonomic design that makes a positive impression and is practical. The unit is built for durability and resistance with a power-coated, anodized body and stainless steel hardware, and has been Tested Over 3,000,000 cycles to ensure bullet-proof quality.

Hands Free Foot Pedal

Hands-Free Sanitizer

Intelligent hands-free design with simple foot pedal activation and internal hose system. The unit is self-contained and does not require an electrical outlet or any loose, complex parts that need servicing – goodbye sensors, batteries, and push bars!

Stable Dispensers

Stable Dispensers

Less Intrusive, More Reliable. High-capacity yet uses a minimal amount of valuable floor space - only about on square foot - far less than the conventional sanitizing set-up! The weighted base ensures a stable, balanced unit, different to most conventional top-heavy dispensers. The base comes with slip-proof pads and can be affixed to the floor for outdoor use.

Dispenser Cross Section

High Capacity Dispenser

Less Refills, Reduce Plastic Waste

With the largest capacity on the market (5.5 L vs. 1.2 L), each fill sanitizes 3,500 pairs of hands*, which means you reduce fill time by 400%. It also makes it convenient to use large sized containers that are proven to reduce plastic waste by up to 60%.**


This chart shows how often you have to refill the XtraSafe Dispenser, based on the amount of traffic flow.***


**** Based upon 1.5ml per application

** Source: The Sierra Club

Drip Free Icon

Drip Free Dispenser

The nozzle features a negative pressure valve and filter that prevents dripping that is common in most dispensers on the market. Longer faucet also enables easy access, and is calibrated to dispense 1.5ml.

Multi Fluid Versitility

Dispenser Versitility

One-way valves ensure constant pressure to keep any type of sanitizer flowing regardless of brand or viscosity. Use gels, liquids, soaps – even Suntan Lotion!

Lifetime No Risk Warranty

Dispenser Warranty

SafeGuard supports North American manufacturing and provides a consistent, reliable supply chain so you have your products when you need them – XtraSafe is always in stock. Each unit is individually tested before shipping, serialized for traceability, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Fully Assembled Unit

Fully Assembled

XtraSafe arrives complete and ready to use right out of its heavy-duty box! Nothing to assemble. Just fill it with sanitizer and it's ready to make your facility safer.

XtraSafe Dispenser with Custom Vinyl Print Job

Custom Printing

Fully customizable – add your brand logo and message or coordinate it with the design and decor of your facility. Full color wrap, sleeves, and decals!

Dispensor with sponsored message

Offset Costs

Get started with the XtraSafe Sponsorship Program to offset costs and build brand rapport!



Base diameter: 30.5 cm / 12 in
Tube diameter: 10.16 cm / 4 in
Height: 97.53 cm / 38.4 in


5.5 litres / 1.21 gallons


7 kg / 15.4 lbs


Anodized aluminum body and foot pedal, stainless steel nozzle and hardware.


Clear anodized aluminum, powder-coated in white.

Our Sanitizers.

Purple Frog Hand Sanitizer

Purple Frog™

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Gel

  • 70% plant-based ethyl
  • Hydrating formula with essential oils
  • One gallon / 3.78 litres
TrueNorth Sanitizer


The TrueNorth

  • 70% ethyl alcohol
  • Skin-soothing formula with vitamin E and aloe
  • One gallon / 3.78 litres


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