Your XtraSafe

Customize your XtraSafe with your brand logo and message or even color coordinate with your facility. Choose either a vinyl wrap or removable nylon sleeve that can easily be replaced with a fresh look or new message.

Want something more permanent? Try the Vinyl Wrap.

A full color wrap, featuring any message or graphics you choose.


Want a removable, washable option? Try the Nylon Sleeve.

A full color sleeve, featuring any message or graphics you choose – easy to change whenever you want.

Design your Own.

Create the artwork using our template and provide the final artwork as a print-ready PDF file. See artwork guidelines and upload your art files below.


We'll Design it For You.

Send us a vector file of your logo, along with your ideas, and we’ll design a custom wrap or sleeve that will put your brand message on display.


Before you create artwork for your custom sleeve or wrap, please download the dieline file and review the artwork requirements below for best results. It is crucial that you comply with these requirements to achieve the best possible results. Thank you!

Thank you for adhering to artwork requirements.


95% of artwork processing delays arise from templates not being used or followed. Always start with our template – available for download below.


High resolution PDF files are strongly recommended (PDF X1A). Jpg or Tif files are acceptable but highly discouraged (since vector elements and text become rasterized). Files provided in other formats or low resolution may be rejected.


Our templates built at 50%. We will output your file at the correct size. Please be sure you provide high quality image files.

When purchasing images, buy the highest resolution available. Keep in mind that normal viewing distance for our product is 3 feet or more, so less than optimal image resolutions (if that’s all you have) may not look as bad as you think.


Text should always be vector (not pixels) for highest quality output. Fonts must be embedded or converted to outline. Artwork with missing fonts will be rejected.


Only leave final artwork visibile. If you don’t want it to print, then it must be on a layer with visibility turned off. Be sure to burn off the dieline layout in the template we’ve provided.


Color Mode: All colors must be in CMYK.

  • Color Management: Use the GRACoL CMYK profile for the most accurate results.
  • Rich Black: We advise C30 M20 Y20 K100 for a rich, neutral black. Black that uses more ink than this or where the K value is lower than the other values, will not reproduce well.
  • Transparencies: Be aware that transparencies can result in unpredictable color shifts. If you provide transparent (unflattened) artwork, we will flatten it prior to output.*
  • PMS Color Matching: Our equipment uses CMYK inks. We will do our best to match the CMYK equivalent of the PMS color specified. Photos and Gradients cannot be matched.


  • Bleed: Use the outermost edge. Graphic elements that touch the trim should be extended all the way out to bleed to ensure a clean edge. The area between trim and bleed will be cut off.
  • Trim: Where the artwork is cut or trimmed prior to finishing.
  • Visible Edge: The final, visible edge of the product after finishing. The area between Trim and Visible Edge may be hidden or impacted by hemming, etc.
  • Safety: The safe area for critical text and graphics. All important text, logos, images etc must be kept within this area. The area between Safety and Visible Edge may be impacted by curvature, stretching, stitching etc.

It is important that you comply with these artwork requirements.

SafeGuard Health Solutions is not responsible for printing irregularities that are a result of artwork that does not meet the requirements outlined above. Thank you for complying.


Follow these simple instructions:

  • STEP 1: Upload your artwork using WeTransfer.
Instructions for WeTransfer artwork file upload
  • STEP 2: Following upload, please fill out the contact form to let us know its been submitted.
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