We are committed to fulfilling the need for user-friendly, quality sanitizing solutions fit for any unique environment – including yours.

The Need.

With demand at an all time high, some suppliers were quick to enter the hand-hygiene market with low-quality solutions that don’t last and could even compromise safety. Whether in retail, business, or manufacturing, there is a need for an effective solution that better addresses post-COVID hand hygiene needs.

The Innovation.

Incited by the need for innovation, SafeGuard introduces its first hands-free, fully mechanical sanitizer dispenser – the XtraSafe. Not only is it effective and durable, it’s as beautiful as it is efficient.

Proven Performance.

SafeGuard is committed to high quality performance and durability. Our ISO certified facility manufactures solutions to the hightest standard, and provides end-to-end support with fast turnaround times.
Our products go through comprehensive testing before we take them to market. XtraSafe has been tested over 3,000,000 cycles to ensure bullet-proof quality – so you can buy with total confidence.
SafeGuard ISO certification badge

QA – XtraSafe Product Testing

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